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Assimilation of d and j

In fluent speech when one word ends in a vowel sound then /d/ sound and the next word begins in a /j/ sound, the two sounds come together and change to a /ʤ/ sound. This is the topic of our pronunciation lesson of the day which you will learn it in no time.

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Football is the universal manifestation of excitement and joy with people from all walks of life. This article is your passport to English football vocabulary, including general terms, people on the field, parts of a football pitch, etc. which improve your understanding and appreciation of the sport even more.

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Why dogs stick their heads out of car windows

Have you ever wondered why dogs put their heads out of car windows? Watch this video and learn more about this common behavior.

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Everyone has something to say about their parents, don't they? So, it would be a good idea to develop our language around this topic, while improving our listening skills. Remember, once you learn some new language, listening to it repeatedly could help you master the language, your listening and understanding, as well as pronunciation.

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Learn how to write a curriculum vitae, often called a CV in the UK or résumé in American English, to practice and improve your writing skills.

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  • سابقه‌ی تدرس زبان انگلیسی از سال ۱۳۸۸
  • مدرک Advanced English در سال ۱۳۸۶ از کالج پدورث در ردینگ انگلستان
  • گواهی TESOL برای تدریس انگلیسی عمومی، انگلیسی برای کسب‌و‌کار و تدریس آنلاین انگلیسی از موسسه‌ گلوبال اینگلیش انگلستان در سال ۱۴۰۰
  • طراحی درس‌نامه‌های اختصاصی بر اساس نیازها و خواسته‌های هر فرد و یا گروه از زبان‌آموزان

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Let's Talk About It!

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